RV Roof UV Protectant

Maintenance day: I spent a fun filled day scrubbing my travel trailer roof and then applying a roof UV protectant to it.

Since slippery high surfaces make me nervous and I’m doing these projects solo I lean toward caution, so I scrubbed the entire roof on my hands and knees with a scrub brush and the recommended solution of Spic and Span for my rubber roof.

Yesterday had been a bizarrely (and scary) windy day where the gusts were so strong I wasn’t sure my trailer was going to stay upright. It tore apart the sewer hose support, blew the sewer hose around, tried to rip off the tire covers, and dislodged every possible thing it could wrap it’s fingers around. Not a fun day at all. The wind came up so suddenly the slide had to come in for the day. The trailer isn’t too livable with the slide in.

So today I was thrilled with a crystal clear, calm day. So was every bug in Padre Island National Seashore. They loved my wet roof. Spiders, butterflies, skippers, lady bugs — lots of insects were attracted to my wet, clean roof.

RV Roof Protectant

The view of the Gulf of Mexico was spectacular from the roof with particularly azure seas. My brilliant white roof was a pretty beautiful sight as well.

RV Roof Protectant

Once the roof was dry (and I had to get up there with a towel to mop up some puddles that were not drying) it was time to apply some UV protection to the rubber roof. I decided to try the Protect All brand in a quart bottle since it was available at a local RV supply store.

I applied a decent layer to my 8′ x 21′ roof and the quart covered with a little left over in the bottle. Once again I was on my hands and knees. Braver souls couldn’t definitely save time and pain by applying with an applicator on a broom handle.

I will see how it holds up over the next 3 to 6 months and report back. I was pleased with the condition of the roof — some shoe scuffs that would not come off, but otherwise in great shape.

This is the stuff I used:

RV Roof RV Portectant

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