PVC dog cot picture gallery

I wanted to post pictures of some of the pvc dog cots that have been made. If you have used the tutorial to make a dog cot I would love to post pictures of your project and pets as well so send me an email. I’ll add more images as I receive them.

Kristin in Ontario

Kristin ordered a couple slings for her dogs Keely (fox red Labrador mix) and Ranger (brindle boxer-Wheaton terrier mix). The captions are Kristin’s from Instagram. I had to resist the urge to download 50 pictures because they were all so cute.

Here is a link to a very sweet thank you post from Kristin: Keely and Rangers Dog Cots

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Lisa in Colorado made a pvc dog cot (I sewed the slings for her) for Jenell. She couldn’t find the corner fittings in 1 1/2″ so she went with 1″ PVC and she said its supporting Jenell just find. I found out Jenell is part of a large family – 4 dogs, 5 cats, and 2 guinea pigs, most of which are rescue animals. As you can see, Jenell isn’t the only pet to like the PVC dog cot.

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Crystal is the owner of P-King Kennels in Sarnia, Ontario and contacted me about making the dog cots to be used in the kennel She has had a little chewing of the fabrics slings, but overall is happy with the cots. Here’s some pictures of her cots and guests at the kennel.

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Debbie and her husband are making a cot for their dog Lily.


Donna made two small cots for her dogs Pepe, Tawny, and Tia.

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Tarah is making a variety of sizes as a fundraiser – here’s her first dog cot.

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