Finding problems with new travel trailer

I didn’t spend a fortune on a travel trailer so I didn’t expect absolute perfection. I knew they had to keep costs down to keep the price low. I started checking things as soon as I got it, but have still be surprised by some of the problems I’ve had.

Tub enclosure

I only had it a couple of days when the tub enclosure separated from the wall because it had been forced into place instead of placed properly. I’m still working on this issue. The dealer sent rivets and double stick tape for me to repair it myself.


Is it just me or does there seem to be a problem with how the tub enclosure was installed?

Leak under bathroom sink

There is a leak under the bathroom sink that I believe is related to the black tank flush since it is only wet under the sink after I flush the tank. Can’t figure out how to stop the leak though so will have to get help with that one.

Awning screech with bringing it back in

I ordered a power awning and it extends just fine, but when I bring it in it makes the worst screeching noise. I tried lubricated the arms but suspect it’s the roller. It’s a horrible sound and I will probably need to get that repaired.

Counter top extension

I had ordered a counter top extension for my little kitchen but Forest River failed to ship it with the trailer. It was mailed to me in pieces needing assembly, no instructions, no screws since the dealer was supposed to do the install. The dealer was no help when I called for some direction. The kind folks on the Forest River forum posted pictures of the underside of the counter piece so I could see how to install it myself. I had to reinstall the cabinet brackets because they were slapped on out of level at the factory.


Kitchen drawer

While I was working on the counter extension I discovered that the top drawer in the kitchen fell downward when pulled all the way out. I removed a small partition and found the back-end of the drawer rails hadn’t been attached to the cabinet. I put a bolt through the very thin board and reinforced it on the bottom with a heavier piece of wood. The drawer is very solid now.



Furnace duct

The drawer kind of alarmed me so I removed another partition to see what was behind it. I found the furnace and foil duct that led to an outlet in the cabinets. One problem – the duct wasn’t attached to the furnace so the heat would have just blown out under the cabinet, possibly creating a heat and fire hazard. I attached the duct and taped it securely in place to make sure it didn’t fall off again.


I have done all the repairs myself but the tub enclosure after finding out the dealer had a month backlog of repairs and after Forest River refused to let the certified mobile repairman submit the warranty repairs. I’m not willing to tackle the tub enclose by myself since that seems like something it would be good to have another pair of hands to help with and will pay to have that done properly. I need help with the leak and awning noise as well. Then I’ll try to get Forest River to reimburse me.

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