Favorite Things – Travel Trailer Miscellaneous

There are few things I have gotten for the trailer that have worked out really well.

I brought a wooden toolbox I had made that has a rope handle. I filled it with jars and a utensil holder to store all my silverware (4 place setting set from Ikea) and kitchen utensils. Since my trailer only has 2 smallish drawers in the kitchen using the toolbox freed those drawers for other things. 

I then added the OXO rotating utensil holder for my longer cooking utensils. 

travel trailer

I obviously have to pack these when I’m moving the trailer, but have loved having everything within grabbing distance when I’m cooking. 

Another kitchen addition is the Kamenstein Perfect Tear Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder in Stainless Steel. I had the counter top one in my house and like this one just as well. No paper towels spooling off the holder.

I researched and decided on the Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Fan 40-inch Tower Fan. It helped so much on stiflingly hot days this summer. It helped keep my electric bill down since I was monthly and paying for power at that time.

 Since I am a little vertically challenged I needed a step stool. I got this little thing that folds flat for storing but is strong enough to feel safe.

And I feel I should mention my felt heart garland. I have several garlands (fall leaves, old-fashioned Christmas bulbs, the hearts, and bunnies) that easily store in a plastic baggy when out of season and add next to no weight to the trailer. I must have my holiday decor :-).

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