Favorite Things – Magnetic Spice tins

Since I cook almost all my own meals and rarely eat out, spices were going to be important to me when I started traveling full time in my trailer. But how to store them in an accessible way?

My preference was to have magnetic spice containers so I purchased the Kamenstein 6-Piece Colored Magnetic Tin Set from Walmart since they had the best price. 

Before selling the house I washed them, labeled them, and filled them with spices. 

When I got settled in to the travel trailer the problem became what to stick them to. The only metal in the entire place is the vent hood over the cook top. I tried them there and really hated it. 

I researched online and wasn’t really wild about any of the high price magnetic board options I found. So I prowled the aisles of the big box home improvement stores until I ran across 6″ and 18″ pieces of metal for around $6. I had to go through all of them to find the one in the best condition (still some defects on it), grabbed a roll of 3M heavy duty double sided mounting tape for around $4 and headed back to the trailer to decide where to put it.

The area of wood on the side of the pantry that faced the microwave was the perfect size. After mounting the metal sheet all 18 spice tins would fit with a little room for some other magnets.  

I have read reviews that the tins rust but that hasn’t happened and I’m at Padre Island National Seashore right next to the beach. I have also read some RVers leave these in place while traveling. Not me. I pack them into a grocery bag when I’m on the road. The mess that would be created if tins fell and spewed their contents all over just isn’t worth the risk to me. 

Having these magnetic spice tins handy is definitely one of my favorite things cooking in my travel trailer. 

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