Favorite Things – Extend-a-Shower Shower Rod

The showers in most RVs are little and mine is no exception at 40 inches wide and 24 inches deep. Fortunately, I’m short so the lack of shower head room is no issue for me. 

The shower curtain that came with the travel trailer was awful — nasty, scimpy material on a poor ceiling sliding mechanism. I wanted a rod that would allow more room when showering, but not be sticking out in the way when not showering.

I found the Stromberg Carlson Extend-A-Shower in satin nickel. The best price I could find at the time was the sale price at Camping World. This shows how it works:

It was a pain to install because I was worried about mounting on the flimsy trailer wall at the back. I had the wood cabinet in the front. Needless to say, I am gentle with the rod when opening and closing the curtain and I don’t hang anything heavy on it. 

Shower curtain in drying position

Shower curtain in showering position

Shower curtain when dry and not in use

I wanted a decent polyester shower curtain that would dry quickly, not mold and mildew, and could be machine washed. I got a standard shower curtain and cut it down to the appropriate size for my little shower. 

The rod is not metal, but painted plastic so I wouldn’t recommend metal shower curtain rings. I picked up a 99 cent bag of Ikea silicone shower rings – they work great and don’t damage the rod. 

I absolutely love this shower rod. It makes my little shower feel roomy enough when showering, and everything gets out of the way of the toilet when not in use. Highly recommend the rod and it comes in two sizes: one for 35″ to 42″ openings and one for 54″ to 60″ openings.

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