Large, medium, and small dog cot slings for sale

Please see update effective October 1, 2016

I added small and medium dog slings on 2/10/2015 for people who don’t sew. Prices are for fabric slings only. The instructions on how to make the PVC frames can be found at PVC Dog Cot Tutorial.

Large, medium, and small dog cot slings for sale - The DIY Girl

Outside Dimensions Price
Large 30 x 36 $58
Medium 24 x 30 $54
Small 18 x 24 $50

I’ve been mentally wrestling with this idea since Christmas and need to make a decision. The mental wrestling has been a result of really wanting to help out the non-sewers who have asked me to make dog cot slings for them, but feeling guilty about the price I have to charge so I won’t be giving my time away.

You probably should also be aware the first time I tried making slings for a reader who asked me she then refused to pay when they were ready to ship. Kind of left me with a “no good deed goes unpunished” feeling. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she simply told me she changed her mind, but instead she kept telling me over and over she would send the money. After weeks I got the point and gave up. When I finally sold the slings to others it was to really nice people who were fun to deal with and promptly paid. Thanks to them for the positive experience.

Explanation of process: If someone orders one I have to go to Joann to buy the fabric and matching thread. Get an okay from the person ordering that the color will work for them. Then I have to lay it out, measure and mark the fabric, cut the fabric, iron the hems, sew the hems, measure, mark and sew the loops, iron both pieces, request payment, arrange for shipping. It all takes time if you want nicely done dog slings. I just want you to understand I didn’t arrive at the price lightly. Even at $56 it will most likely work out to me making less than $10 an hour, especially when you factor in gas. This is not a mass production shop, but me sewing one at a time in my home.

Costs of fabric slings only for large dog cot frame only:

Dog Cot Slings - The DIY Girl

The picture shows the current price of duck cloth at Joann and the colors that were available the day of the picture (the black box in the upper right corner isn’t duck cloth so I blocked it out). I can’t promise every color will be available with at least 1 5/8 yard on the bolt. Some of those skinny bolts probably don’t have enough yardage on them. And it all depends on what’s in stock on any given day.


  • This is for the fabric slings only fitting the large dog cot frame. The corners and PVC are available locally so you would buy and assemble the frame and then add the slings when they arrive. The PVC pipe sides would be cut 32″ and 26″ for these slings.
  • I do have 8 corners if anyone can’t find them. They are $3 each and I would need to ship in a larger box so shipping would be higher.
  • The above cost is based on the current price of duck cloth and thread at Joann and subject to change. I know Joann has coupons, but I can’t count on that so I have to go with the list price.
  • I applied for a FL sales tax certificate, but only FL residents would be subject to that.
  • The shipping cost is based on my ability to cram the slings into a Priority Mail™ Padded Flat Rate Envelope and subject to change if I am not able. If anyone has cheaper shipping options I’m open to ideas.
  • It would be 10 days from time of order to request for payment. When payment is received I will immediately arrange for shipping. If I can get them done sooner, I would ship as soon as they are completed.
  • Color — always keep in mind your monitor may not be showing the same color as my picture, so color can be close, but not exact unless you go to Joann and see it in person.
  • The duck fabric is sturdy 100% cotton and can be washed and dried.

How to order

Please use the contact page to email me. Tell me which color in the picture below – I numbered the top and bottom row so tell me “top row 8 dark brown” or “bottom row 14 purple” as examples. Please send two colors in case your first choice isn’t in stock. Be descriptive since getting the right color will make me nervous. I will get back to you about availability once I go to the store.

PVC Dog Cot Slings - The DIY Girl


I prefer QuickPay through online banking since there are no service fees involved and I’m trying to keep the price down. I will send a payment request to your email address. If you have other suggestions for payment, let me know.

I would love to have payment in advance of sewing, but just don’t feel right about that. Once the order is placed I will start making the slings and have them ready to ship in a maximum of 10 days. I will send a request for payment and the slings will ship as soon as the payment is received.

If anyone has questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me. Happy to answer questions and open to discussion.

Large, Medium, and Small sizes available

Large, medium, and small dog cot slings for sale - The DIY Girl

I went ahead and made frames for medium and small (as well as the original large) and will be selling the slings in all three sizes at the prices listed above.

Still not sure?

Here’s a link to a thank you post one of my reader’s (and purchaser of the dog cot slings) posted on her blog Keely and Ranger’s Dog Cots.


Large, medium, and small dog cot slings for sale — 32 Comments

  1. OK 🙂 you could always list on etsy or do PayPal for payment .. but we are going to try one bed for now the colors would be top row 7 or 8 the khaki or dark brown. Or even if they have an olive green .. I’d be good with .. I can email you my number if want to send pictures ..or I can go to joann here pick out the color mail it to you .. and send receipt and you can deduct off the 56.00 .. however you want to do it..:)

  2. I appreciate the process you went thru – wrestling with yourself – and applaud you for reaching a fair compromise. As a non-sewer, IMHO, what you are charging is reasonable. On a fixed income, I have learned if you buy cheap, you buy over and over cause cheap don’t last! And anything “custom” made costs slightly more but fits your décor, dog or whatever the criteria is better than the cookie cutter stuff. And there will always be critics no mater what! Having given away the DIY instructions, you deserve to be compensated for your time and energy. I will wait for the small cots. I have also given your plans to someone who sews and begged them to make one. Based on your price I will know how to compensate them. Thanks for all that you do!

    • Gayle, Thank you for your kind words of support and understanding. Let me know if your friend isn’t able to make a small one. Seems like there are enough small dog owners out there that merit the investment in the frame to I can make a pattern.

  3. As of 2/10/2015 I have 2 small brown and 1 brown medium set of slings sewn and ready to sell. The brown is more a milk chocolate than a dark chocolate color. The small sets are $49 and the medium is $52. I will post a comment when these are sold and no longer available.

    • Sydney — I’d be happy to send it USPS Priority International but it’s $20.55 for the padded envelope that’s only $6.10 in the US. Yikes! Do you know of any less expensive ways to ship?

  4. How are these for arthritic old labs? Ive been debating on whether these would be easier or harder for her to get in and out of?

    • Christine – Ellie is my 10 year old lab and has pretty bad arthritis. On days when it’s worse, like after getting too much exercise the day before, she spends more time in her bed. On days when it’s better she tends to lay where ever I happen to be. I think that says a lot — I think it cradles more gently than something like a mattress, but that’s just my opinion. I wish dogs could tell us what works for them and what doesn’t…

    • That’s twice the size of the large that I use for 75 lb dogs. May I ask how big your dog is and have you made sure you have the floor space for that large a bed? I’m worried about the slings sagging on a frame that large, but I have no experience with one that size.

  5. My son and I make things out of junk. He lives in NYC and sells his stuff for a fortune. Doesn’t explain to anyone how long it took, what trouble he had to go to. I’ve made things for my home and had people ask how…turns out they don’t even own a hammer. Keep on doing what you’re doing, and if I were you (and I’m not) I would charge more for my labor! $10 an hour is minimum wage, and you are an artist.

    • Wow — always nice to start the day with kind words! Thanks for your comments. I wrestled at length on the prices to charge and tried to hit a happy medium between giving my time away and charging so much no one could afford them. Thanks again!

  6. Hi there! Are you currently selling the slings still? I think what you’re doing is fabulous. Anyone who complains about how you do your business is none of their business!

  7. Hi, love love love your dog beds. If you are still making the slings, I would need top row #8-Dark Brown, size Large. We have a 9 year old Boxer, Dutchess, and a 6 lb. Yorkie, Saige. I will be more than happy to pay for one, because I don’t really understand your instructions.

    Please let me know

    • Donna, I sent you an email but thought I’d respond here as well. I can’t make the frames and ship them because the boxes for the long pieces and the cost of shipping make the whole thing cost prohibitive. People buy the PVC and corner fittings and make the frame and then I sew the slings and ship them. Let me know if that works for you.

  8. Checking to see if you are still making the slings. If so I would be interested in 2 sets of large. And how are you handling payment?

  9. Dear DIY Girl,
    Please don’t feel guilty for offering a service and pricing it to your value system. All business works that way! As a customer, I have the choice to buy your product or not to buy at the price listed. And ANYTHING I have ever purchased online, required my payment first…. just saying 🙂 And make it simpler on yourself, take a day or two (or however long it might take) and do a production run of several pieces in a neutral fabric or even fun fabric (maybe you can bulk purchase for lower price – which adds to your profit – not your customer’s savings – You are taking the financial risk of the cloth purchase, therefore the upside should be yours if the risk pays off. Follow me?)
    I think it is great you care so much about your followers and want them to have a cot bed, but I hated how much you seem afraid to upset them by taking care of yourself and asking for what you needed to make it worth your time, attention, effort, AND experience sewing this design 🙁 Just my opinion here, so feel free to disregard my thoughts if they don’t ring true for you.
    Cheers and good luck!
    A random reader passing by

  10. so I want to make one of these for my dog, but for inside his cage bc he tears up and eats regular blankets, pillows, and various other things we have put in his cage to soften it. Would an outdoor fabric work or does it have to be duck cloth? He is a 70-75 lbs bull dog. Your help would be great.


    • There’s no reason you can’t use any woven fabric of your choice (stretchy fabric wouldn’t work). I made some out of Cordura. They lasted forever but I didn’t like how noisy the fabric was every time they got on and off the cots. Keep in mind, if a dog is determined to entertain themselves with tearing stuff up this design can be chewed on too. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  11. Good evening… not a sewer was wondering if you still make the slings for sale. Would love to purchase a large khaki colored one.

    • I am at least an hour from a fabric store now, so I would need you to purchase the fabric, mail it to me, I’d sew it and return to you. Let me know if you’re interested in that.

  12. Are you still making the slings? I live in California and have a lab and pit that would definitely benefit with one of these. Both my girls are getting up there in age.

    I can’t sew to save my life.

  13. Do you have a certain website to order these on? Just wondering. I didn’t see a link to anything. My husband and I was just curious.

    • I am in a location where I don’t have access to a fabric store. This fall I will be in a location where I could sew slings again, so check back in a couple months. I make this to order, so there’s no way to order other than contacting me.

  14. Hi, are you in a location yet with access to fabric store? I would be interested in a large dog sling for the pvc pipe bed I made.

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