Counter top extension for travel trailer

When I ordered my trailer I ordered the counter top extension. When the dealer received the trailer there was no extension. Forest River mailed it to me at my campground in Texas, but it was unassembled with no instructions, not even screws. I called the dealer and the service guy mentioned something about shims, said he really didn’t know and suggested taking it to a dealer in Texas. To get into a dealer in summer takes weeks where I would be without my home. Forget it.

I wasn’t sure how to install so I posted on the Forest River owner forum and asked if someone could post pictures of the bottom so I could see how the hardware should be attached. Two different owners posted pics within an hour! Bless you helpful RV owners out there.

A trip to a hardware store for screws that wouldn’t go through the counter top and Formica top and bolts and bolts for the brackets on the kitchen cabinet.

Whoever had slapped on the cabinet brackets at the factory hadn’t bothered to put them on straight. I wanted to start with them level so I removed them and centered them. Since the cabinet isn’t real wood and I was worried about the screws pulling out I decided to go with bolts, nuts, and large washers. Those brackets are very solid now.

I stacked containers so I get the extension in place to mark the screw holes on the brackets making sure they lined up with the cabinet brackets. Then attached the leg making sure it was centered and would support the extension well. I put a little green paint so I would know what hole was the correct height for the leg.extension-installed-hardware-thediygirl

I love my additional counter space! Now I can really start cooking in here.



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