About The DIY Girl

About The DIY Girl

What can I say? I love to fix things, and update things, and problem solve things, and make things nicer for the user. I love to figure things out. I love to do it myself. Possibly I should call myself the really cheap, frugal DIY girl because I not only like doing things myself, but I like to find the cheapest way possible to pull if off.

I was raised by a wonderful father who never had a repair person into our home and who also patiently showed his daughter how to do things all the while explaining why he chose to do things a certain way and not another. We weren’t without our conflicts — he’d get impatient with my less skilled, slower hands and sometimes take things away from me to do it himself. All I had to do is point out that it would be pretty hard for me to learn if I didn’t do it myself and he would hand it back.

When I was a teenager he disparagingly commented about himself “I am the jack of all trades and the master of none.” I countered with “Really? Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci were jacks of all trades?” My dad didn’t just fix everything, build everything, create everything — he did it with grace, good humor, and perfection.

I’m still in awe of his skills but have set the bar a little lower for myself. I figure things out and fix things myself, but without demanding absolute perfection — you can drive yourself crazy trying to be too perfect. What keeps me going is the satisfaction of learning what to do and getting it done. Thanks to the internet, there just isn’t  a whole lot you can’t figure out these days.

So I’m the DIY girl and post how-to’s and products reviews in hopes it will make life a little easier (and a little more fun and satisfying) for someone else. And sometimes, others get to learn from my mistakes :-).